Latest Trail Blazers Rumors About Bam Adebayo Has NBA Fans Utterly Confused

Trail Blazers rumored trade target Bam Adebayo

Getty Image / Elsa

The NBA rumor mill just won’t stop, as multiple teams are reportedly seeking big trades.

One of, if not, the most talked about team this offseason is the Portland Trail Blazers, as rumors are they could trade Damian Lillard or the No. 3 pick.

As of right now, the Miami Heat have been attached to Lillard since being eliminated in the NBA Finals. But now, it appears Portland may be seeking a different kind of trade package.

According to Yahoo Sports, “Portland is preparing what the team believes to be a compelling package for Miami to part with All-Defensive centerpiece Bam Adebayo.”

The Trail Blazers are rumored to be shopping the No. 3 pick over all to potentially land a superstar talent to pair with Damian Lillard. Yahoo Sports shares insight on a possible package that could seal the deal.

“Miami brass seems very unlikely to consider any Portland overture that doesn’t include standout rookie Shaedon Sharpe, in addition to a package of the No. 3 pick and Anfernee Simons.”

But considering the Heat have seemingly been all-in to acquire the superstar point guard, NBA fans are utterly confused with this report.

It appears Miami and Portland are at a stand still.

Some fans just can’t fathom this move ever happening.

This all could just be smoke and mirrors. It is lying season after all.

Is Bam Adebayo the key for the Trail Blazers to get back to playoff contention?

The rumor mill is a hot mess right now. So, it’s hard to believe many reports coming to light.

Luckily, the NBA Draft is on Thursday, which means every rumor will finally be addressed.

Keep an eye on the Trail Blazers, as they remain red hot in the rumor mill.