Damian Lillard Likes Tweet About Portland Trail Blazers Bringing In One Star

Blazers star Damian Lillard

Getty Image / Alika Jenner

It didn’t take long after the Denver Nuggets closed out the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals for this year’s offseason to start heating up.

The league entered the offseason with fans expecting to see plenty of big moves after the Nuggets ran through the league with minimal resistance in the playoffs.

The Phoenix Suns got things started with a blockbuster trade for Bradley Beal to add even more offensive firepower to a roster that already has Devin Booker and Kevin Durant.

With the first big move out of the way, fans are now waiting to see what the next domino to fall is.

Maybe it will be Draymond Green, who opted out of his player option for next season and can now hit free agency.

The Miami Heat and Portland Trail Blazers are both still trying to add a star in a trade this offseason, with both teams seemingly eyeing players from each other’s rosters.

Today, Damian Lillard may have actually revealed who he wants the Blazers to go after this offseason.

A Twitter user going by the username RipCitySquid pointed out that Damian Lillard like a tweet from last night asking him to get Zion Williamson to Portland.

It might not be all that tough to get this deal done if it’s what the Blazers want to do.

There have been reports that the Pelicans want to move up in the draft to get Scoot Henderson and pick 3 appears to be the best they could do without giving up Brandon Ingram.

Whether or not it’s the right move for the Blazers is a different story.

Zion Williamson has had trouble staying on the court throughout his NBA career, which makes it hard to believe he’s the piece the Blazers need to contend. They’ve already had plenty of injury issues between Lillard and Jusuf Nurkic.

The Portland Trail Blazers only have a few days left to try to trade this pick to add another star and make a run with Damian Lillard, but this could be a move they’d end up regretting if they made it.