Travis Hunter Not Angry With Colorado State Player Over Late Hit That Caused Injury ‘It’s Football’

Travis Hunter

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Colorado star Travis Hunter isn’t holding a grudge against Colorado State’s Henry Blackburn.

On Saturday night, Blackburn drilled Hunter late on a passing play that caused Hunter to suffer a lacerated liver.

Immediately after the play, fans called on Blackburn to be suspended.

During a Twitch stream, Hunter reacted to the play in question and doesn’t think Hunter should not be getting any hate.

According to Hunter, he feels like “Stuff like that gonna happen” in football.

“It’s football at the end of the day,” “Stuff like that gonna happen. He did what he was supposed to do. It’s football.”

Colorado State head coach Jay Norvell agrees with Hunter and said he would not punish Blackburn over the play.

“I reviewed the play, it’s a play that happens sometimes,” Norvell said.”It was a bang-bang type of a play. That’s certainly not something that we teach”

Norvell also revealed that Hunter has been getting death threats over the play.