Trent Dilfer Gets Dragged On Twitter For His Buzzkill Take On The Epic Chiefs/Rams ‘MNF’ Game

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It’s hardly a hot take to consider last night’s Chiefs vs. Rams Monday Night Football matchup as an instant classic that exceeded the hype that came with two of the NFL’s best teams. While watching it, I felt like I was watching my first VHS porn movie at my friend Travis’s place in eighth grade. Sup Trav, hope you’re doing well man, thanks for letting me whack it in your parent’s bathroom. 

The Rams edged out the Chiefs, 54-51, who became the first NFL team to ever score 50 points and lose. Teams to score 50 points in NFL history were 216-0 entering tonight. Other fun facts from the game:

  1. There were more TD’s scored in that game (14) then the Buffalo Bills have scored all year (13).
  2. At halftime, the score was 23-23, the first time that halftime score was ever recorded in NFL history.
  3. The 63-point over was the highest over ever on an NFL game. It eclipsed that by the third quarter.

It was an awesome game from a fan perspective, although it was peppered with turnovers and penalties, most people will blissfully ignore that fact to concentrate on all the juiciness the game created.

NOT TRENT DILFER. The man who confidently said Tom Brady and the Patriots were dogshit after a week 4 loss in 2014. The Patriots would then go on a seven-game win streak and an eventual Super Bowl victory. Dilfer would later apologize.

Here is his latest hot take:

Technically, Dilfer is not wrong, but focusing on the negatives of such a good game is like focusing how many calories you’re drinking during a bachelor party night out. Let it go dude.

[h/t The Big Lead]

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