Anaheim’s Trevor Zegras Created One Of The Best NHL Goals This Century With An Over-The-Net Alley-Oop

Anaheim's Trevor Zegras Created One Of The Best NHL Goals This Century With An Over-The-Net Alley-Oop

Getty Image / Bill Wippert/NHLI

  • The Anaheim Ducks beat the Buffalo Sabres 2-0 on Tuesday and Trevor Zegras scored one of the best NHL goals of this century
  • With shades of ‘The Michigan’, Trevor Zegras lifted the puck and alley-oop’d it over the net to Sonny Milano as the two combined for a goal that was pure magic
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This is the best NHL goal we’ll see this season. We’re not even halfway through the NHL season but I’m confident that nothing will top this because this is the best NHL goal in years.

Anaheim’s Trevor Zegras channeled his inner magician and with shades of ‘The Michigan’, he flipped the puck sideways and onto his stick. Trevor then lifted the puck and passed it over the net from the back and Sonny Milano swiped it out of mid-air for the goal. This is basically a lacrosse goal happening in the NHL and it’s stunning to witness.

Zegras was stunned. Milano was shocked. Everyone who watched this goal was blown away. I’ve already watched this goal at least five times and it’s just as incredible the first time as the last.

And Zegras’ giddy reaction on the bench makes it even better. He can’t believe what he did because the goal itself was unbelievable. NHL fans also reacted with complete shock (reactions below the goals).

Trevor Zegras NHL Goal of the Century

There were some A+ reactions on Twitter after the lacrosse goal from Trevor Zegras. And I suspect we’ll hear about this goal for years because it’s truly one of the best NHL goals of the 21st century.

Trevor Zegras is only 20 years old. He has 21 points in 24 games this season. Anaheim is currently 2nd in the Pacific Division. Things are going very well for him and the team right now. This season is going to be incredible.