Troy Aikman Discusses Whether He’d Want To Work With Joe Buck Again After Leaving Fox For ESPN

Troy Aikman Discusses Whether He'd Want To Work With Joe Buck Again After Leaving Fox For ESPN

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  • Troy Aikman and Joe Buck have been calling NFL games together at Fox since the 2005 season but that is coming to an end with Aikman leaving for ESPN
  • Aikman was asked by WFAA’s Mike Leslie whether he would want to work with Joe Buck again and his answer was very candid
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Three-time Super Bowl champion Troy Aikman is leaving Fox for ESPN where he is expected to earn more than $18 million per year for calling games. This ends a long-time partnership with Joe Buck at Fox where the two had been calling NFL games together since 2005.

There are already rumors that ESPN will try and pry Joe Buck away from Fox by throwing a literal mountain of cash at him. But Joe Buck’s role at Fox runs deeper than just the NFL, he’s also their lead play-by-play MLB announcer who has covered every World Series but two (1997 and 1997) for the past 26 years.

Troy Aikman Discusses Whether He’d Want To Work With Joe Buck Again

Mike Leslie is a sports anchor with WFAA in Dallas and he caught up with Troy Aikman at an event and asked him about the potential of working with Joe Buck again. Troy’s answer shows just how important their working relationship has been over the past 17 years and how they were much more than just colleagues. Aikman could’ve easily said something along the lines of ‘we’ll see, he’s a great guy’ but Troy went deep in explaining how their careers have been intertwined.

Here’s the video of Troy Aikman discussing potentially working with Joe Buck again in the future with the full quotes below if you’d rather read than watch that clip:

Full Quotes From Aikman About Working With Joe Buck Again

“We have a great friendship. We really do. We’ve been through a lot. We’ve been through a lot in our profession, but we’ve also been through a lot in our personal lives. We’ve kind of paralleled a lot of things in our personal lives as well, and we’ve helped each other get through a lot of that.” Aikman added “I know that that’s not as norm. I think a lot of partners get along, but to be as good a friends as what we are. I mean he truly is one of my best friends. There’s probably more that could be said, and I think maybe it will in the right time. But there’s been some disappointment on how maybe that was taken for granted by some. He’s been a fantastic partner. In my opinion, he’s the best in the business, and yeah, I’d love nothing more than to continue to work with him.”

It does get any more clear than “I’d love nothing more than to continue to work with him” from Troy Aikman, now it will just take the right opportunity for all parties involved. Bringing Joe Buck to ESPN is complicated but not out of the realm of possibility. According to Charean Williams at PFT, Joe Buck is currently earning $11 million/year from Fox but it’s believed Fox will allow Buck to discuss offers from ESPN.

Where Does ESPN Get All Of That Money?!

ESPN could afford to bring in Joe Buck and use him across Monday Night Football and MLB games similarly to Joe’s role at Fox. But ESPN’s also about to pay MLB a fortune over the coming years:

It does seem like the door is being left open wide enough that the chances we see Troy Aikman and Joe Buck work together again are pretty high. It will just take some puzzle pieces falling into place around them.