Twitter Is Very Concerned That Russell Wilson Is A Dead Man Due To This Video Of Baby Future Calling Him ‘Papa’

I literally don’t understand why Russell Wilson married Ciara. I know there’s always going to be the argument of true love or whatever, but I also have always believed there’s only a certain amount of controversial baggage a girl/guy can have before you need to decide whether or not to call it quits. Like, sure, you may love a person, but if they’ve previously made love to three or four of your best friends, it’s probably better to love said person from afar via Instagram. And Ciara has a lot of baggage. Specifically her son and previous relationship with Future. And I’m not sitting here saying that single moms can’t get remarried, but her ex keeps threatening to kill her new husband because of the baby. That’s definitely a black cloud I wouldn’t want hanging over my marriage. “Before you stick it in, Future called today.” “And I’m soft.” It’s these threats that made Twitter go bananas after this video of Lil’ Future calling Russell “papa” surfaced.

Wow, this looks kind of familiar. Odds the Wilsons turn into this family in a few years?

Regardless, you know that Ciara is the one telling her son to call Russell “papa”. No way around that. I mean, listen, Russell’s now his step-dad and the kid’s like 2. It’s a bit hard to explain the concept of biological vs. legally binding fathers to an infant. But, according to Twitter, Ciara should have figured a way to do so.

Conversely, the other half Twitter feels as if Ciara did nothing wrong and Future has no one to blame but himself for letting this situation spiral out of his control.

Man, no place like Twitter to get your hot take bombardment fix. I never knew so many people cared what a 2 year-old called his step-dad. It could be worse. She could be having the kid calling Russell ‘Better Future’. That’d be horrible. Talk about emasculating. Also, can we put the ‘Future’s going to kill Russell’ argument to rest. No he’s not. Both of them are A-list celebrities. If Russell all of the sudden had his car shot up, people would immediately bring Future in for questioning. No one wants to go jail. They’ve got money to stack.

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[h/t Uproxx]