Twitter Is Freaking Out About The Possibility Of Vince McMahon Re-booting The XFL

Attitude. Attitude is a major missing component from in the NFL, where players get fined tens of thousands of dollars for arguing bullshit calls with refs and dropping f-bombs on social media and in TV interviews. In fact, it’s missing top-down in the entire sport of football, which is a shame because it’d make the entire sports just that much more entertaining as a spectacle. Instead, “sportsmanship” is treated as a holier-than-thou concept because “there are kids watching” and NFL athletes are lauded in their communities as heroes.

But what about football with attitude? That’s what Vince McMahon tried to do with the XFL in 2001, now considered a failed venture between the WWE and NBC. It lasted for one year, with the idea enjoy a cultural resurgence in an ESPN 30 For 30 doc about the XFL a few months ago. Eight teams, no extra points, 10-week seasons, and no bye-weeks.

Earlier today, Vince McMahon liquidated $100 million in WWE shares, adding fuel to the fire of Vince being serious about bringing the XFL back. Twitter is fawning over the idea, especially since it could make a nice landing pad for football personalities not suited for the NFL (cough cough… Johnny Manziel).

The theories go even deeper. Who’s ready for a world where coaches can DDT refs while a stadium of fans cheers it on?

I think it’s safe to say everyone in America, especially if they’re just going to blatantly favor whatever Tom Brady tells them to do like they did against the Steelers last Sunday.

Anyway, the excitement is palpable:

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