Former Denver Bronco Absolutely Cooks Josh Daniels’ Head Coaching Ability In Hilarious Multi-Tweet Thread

Former Broncos Lineman Cooks Josh Daniels' Coaching Ability (Thread)

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Tyler Polumbus, a former offensive tackle who played for the Detriot Lions, Seattle Seahawks, Washington Redskins, Atlanta Falcons, and Denver Broncos during his seven-year NFL career, recently posted a thread on Twitter that absolutely roasts current Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels.

If you remember, McDaniels’ first head coaching gig came with the Broncos over a decade ago as he coached the team for just two seasons, compiling a record of 11-17.

McDaniels clearly didn’t make many friends in Denver, either, as Polumbus took it upon himself to flame his former head coach more than 10 years after playing for him.

Former Denver Broncos offensive lineman Tyler Polumbus calls out former head coach Josh McDaniels in a ruthless Twitter thread

Polumbus began by revealing what McDaniels attitude was after he traded away the likes of Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler:

In honor of Raiders week, I present a thread about my Favorite Hurricane Josh McDaniels Stories: After trading away the young nucleus of our offense including Jay Cutler, Josh said to the entire team “Fellas don’t worry about the QB situation, I can turn a High School QB into an All-Pro.”

After completing training camp with fully padded 2-a-days as often as was legal he hyped up a special reward after practice. It was an ice cream truck and a t-shirt that said “Ironman”. Our reward was ice cream….thanks for the creamsicle

Polumbus detailed how McDaniels would begin the day by spreading negative energy throughout the team:

Every single day began with a 10-minute bad football reel from the day before where he would DOG cuss you and your coach for any bad play from practice 24 hours ago. Set the tone for a real positive day in front of the entire team.

We had about 25 slogans painted on the walls. God Forbid you forget what the slogan was above the door entering the cafeteria…Josh would call players out in team meeting & ask what each slogan said. If you forgot a single word…Ass Chewing…

McDaniels certainly didn’t have any bedside manners, either, at least according to Polumbus:

After the season I had an exit interview w/ my coach. He spent 10 min telling me everything I sucked at but he looked so depressed and miserable that when he was done I didn’t care what he said about my play, I was concerned for him…

“Coach are you alright”. Response.. “That’s a hard man to work for”. Me..”So are you coming back?” Coach..”Hell no.” Me..”you getting fired or leaving?” Coach..”I don’t care but I’m getting the hell out of here”

These are just scratching the surface. Maybe I will share a few more before the game this weekend.

Unfortunately for McDaniels, his second swing at head coaching isn’t going much better as the Raiders are not only last in the AFC West with an 0-3 record but a reportedly frustrated Mark Davis, who owns the team, had a “lengthy closed-door meeting” with McDaniels following their Week 3 loss to the Tenessee Titans.

As mentioned at the start of the thread, Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos will be taking on Josh McDaniels’ Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday, October 2 at 4:25 p.m. EST.

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