NHL Bro Tyler Seguin Crushes Golf Ball With Happy Gilmore-Like Drive

by 3 years ago


If there’s one sports movie that every single bro can absolutely relate with, it’s Happy Gilmore.

With his alternative ways of doing things on the golf course and, well, in general, Gilmore symbolizes what it truly means to be a bro, wearing a hockey jersey and sweatpants on the golf course, starting fights and, oh yeah, crushing a golf ball with his weird stance—which we’ve all tried, so don’t even deny it.

Fuck, just talking about that movie makes me want to sit around with a 12-pack and do nothing but quote every single line.


Instead, I’ll just go ahead and give you this video of Dallas Stars All-Star Tyler Seguin absolutely crushing a golf ball with a hockey stick, similarly to the way Gilmore used to do it in the ’90s flick—though Happy’s stick was just his putter.

Using a hockey stick to juggle a ball before swinging through and driving it into the air, Seguin shows here that he definitely doesn’t eat pieces of shit for breakfast—and that, if there’s ever a Happy Gilmore reboot, he may need to snag that leading role.

Wonder if Seguin’s next act will be kicking the living shit out of Bob Barker? Only time will tell on that one.

[H/T Golf Digest]

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