This UCLA Gymnast’s Michael Jackson-Inspired Routine Is Going Viral Because It’s Gym-NASTY

YouTube - UCLA Athletics

onI know, I know. You’ve watched countless gymnastic routines today and your leotard is going to rip if you watch one more. I apologize, but you’ll thank me in a couple minutes.

So I’ve been seeing this UCLA gymnast’s Michael Jackson routine flying around the interwebs and was hesitant to click. Gymnastics isn’t really my steez unless we’re talking Olympics, when I magically turn into an expert.

But UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi has made me a believer. The 21-year-old senior’s Michael Jackson-inspired floor routine at the Collegiate Challenge in Anaheim, California earned her a perfect 10 and more importantly, made her go viral. UCLA Gymnastics tweeted the routine on Saturday and it has since amassed over 450,000 likes and 107,000 retweets.

Every man in America covered their nads as Ohashi descended to the floor with this move.

Ohashi’s brilliance was no fluke. The Seattle-born gymnast won the American Cup back in 2013, beating out teammate and eventual four-time Olympic champion, Simone Biles.

After the routine went viral, Ohashi had just one critique of her performance.

Meanwhile, I tear a ligament trying to touch my toes.

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