UFC Fighter Taps Out After His Jaw Audibly Breaks From A Viscous Neck Crank

UFC Fight Night 82 didn’t go exactly to plan for Alex Nicholson on Saturday night. And by that I mean it probably went the exact opposite of how he’d hoped.

After using the weigh-in earlier this week to propose to his girlfriend, Nicholson stepped into the octagon for his first ever UFC fight only to have his dreams dashed at the hands of Misha Cirkunov. Early in the second round of three, Cirkunov got the rookie down to the mat and applied a neck crank…with so much torque behind it that Nicholson’s jaw broke. Audibly. Gross.

As UPROXX pointed out, though, the injury may very much be Nicholson’s fault, too. No, not because he threw a softball in his UFC debut and found himself in an incredibly compromised position leading to the neck crank, but because the dude actually suffered a broken jaw last August. And then stepped back into the octagon six months later. Total maniac.

Time and time again when I blog these terrible injuries, my career choice to be anything but a UFC fighter is reaffirmed.

[h/t UPROXX]