UFC Champ Israel Adesanya Is Not Sending His Kids To School ‘We Know School Was Created To Create Workers’

Israel Adesanya

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UFC champ Israel Adesanya will not be sending his kids to school.

This week, Adesanya will defend his title against Sean Strickland at UFC 293 in Australia.

Ahead of his fight, Adesanya did an interview and went on an off-topic rant on why he wouldn’t send his kids to school.

According to Adesanya, he’s not going to send his kids to school because he feels schools are “created to create workers,” and most of the information is useless.

“Honestly, f— school. I don’t know why we have this outdated concept of school to just build workers. We know what the f—- school was made for. Why are we pretending? We know school was created to create workers. I still don’t know what the f— is X. I’m still waiting, when have I as an adult known what the f— X is. A lot of useless information got passed on to me at school. And I sucked at school because I was s— at memorizing. I didn’t really learn anything.”

Adesanya says he will get tutors to teach his children the basics while making sure they socialize with other kids by taking Jiu-Jitsu and gymnastics classes.

“When I have kids I’ll have a tutor that’s going to teach them from home from 9am to midday…the rest of the day we’re going to go on adventures…and then I’m going have do gymnastics, Jiu-Jitsu so that they’re involved with other kids and not socially awkward.”

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