UFC Fans Go Nuts After Dustin Poirier Responds To Justing Gaethje’s Callout

Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje

Getty Image / Jennifer Stewart

The lightweight division is incredibly interesting right now, as it is one of the more stacked weight classes in the UFC.

Well, we might have more clarity on how the top of the rankings pans out by the end of this year.

Justin Gaethje recently called for a rematch against Dustin Poirier. Even so, he didn’t seem to put all of his eggs into one basket. Regardless, it’s a rematch everybody wants to see.

Especially considering their first brawl led to a UFC Fight of the Year award in 2018.

Now, Poirier responds and it has UFC fans unbelievably hyped.

A rematch between these two would certainly bring the fireworks. Just based on this tweet alone, it appears Poirier likes the idea of facing off against Gaethje again.

This is all music to the ears of UFC fans. Clearly, this is the fight fans want to see.

I couldn’t agree more. Let these guys duke it out with championship rounds even though the fight isn’t for the belt.

Justin Gaethje hopes a potential UFC fight with Dustin Poirier would take place in August, September, or October, per MMA Fighting.

This guy lives and breathes UFC.

Could Poirier and Gaethje win another Fight of the Year award?

Either way, sign me up!

No match is officially set right now. However, there seems to be real interest in a rematch between Poirier an Gaethje.

If that’s the case, hopefully, the UFC pulls through and gives the people what they want!