Ex-UFC Pearl Gonzalez Post-Workout Bathtub Video Goes Viral

Pearl Gonzalez

Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

Pearl Gonzalez is making quite the splash, both in and out of the octagon.

This former UFC fighter has found herself a cozy spot in the world of social media stardom, and she’s not afraid to take the plunge.

With a track record that could use a little boost – let’s face it, her UFC stint might have felt like a warm-up lap – Gonzalez is now conquering the internet like a true champ. And who needs victory belts when you’ve got over 300,000 followers hanging onto your every post?

Gonzalez recently posted a video of herself chilling in a cold tub. I mean, who needs hot coffee in the morning when you can just dip yourself into a bathtub that would give an iceberg a run for its money?

Her caption, “GM ☀️🥶,” means she’s starting her day off in a way that’s colder than anyone would’ve liked.

Pearl’s got a knack for making waves on holidays too. Independence Day saw her celebrating by taking a plunge for some good old Fourth of July skinny dipping. That’s how you show patriotism.

Also, wearing a tight blue sportswear, Gonzalez recently flaunted her moves and her short shorts during a workout.