UFC Star Polyana Viana’s Weigh-In Video Goes Viral And Has Naruto Fans Cheering For Her

Polyana Viana weigh ins

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UFC star Polyana Viana is a big fan of Naruto which was on full display ahead of her fight against Iasmin Lucindo on Saturday night.

During her media day, Viana revealed that she had tried to walk out in a Naruto costume many times but had been denied by the UFC.

Via MMA Junkie

“I’ve tried so many times and I’ve actually asked to come in with a bandana,” “They’ve never allowed it. I wanted a cape. I’ve tried with like a blank bandana – I can’t. Apparently Naruto is a brand that does not allow it or something like that. I’ve tried so many times. I’ve asked. They never let me do it, but if I could, I definitely would.”

Despite her inability to cosplay as a Naruto character during an official UFC event, Viana still has a way to display her love for the anime.

During her most recent weigh-ins, Viana showed off her chest tattoo, which is an homage to Naruto’s “Pain” character.

Naruto fans love the tattoo and are rooting for her.

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