The Most Watched Video On UFC’s YouTube Channel Is A Power Slap Video

Power Slap

It’s only been a year since Power Slap was started and it love or it hate it, the new sports league is getting big numbers on social media.

Earlier this year, UFC president Dana White raised eyebrows when he said that Power Slap’s social media numbers were the biggest in all of sports.

“Not only is it unbelievable money-wise, it’s been unbelievable as far as social media goes,” said White. “We’re number one in all of sports. And when I say all of sports, if you take the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, F1, WWE, and who am I forgetting, and added them all together, their numbers don’t compare to Slap’s.”

Apparently, White wasn’t too far off. The current top video on the UFC’s Youtube page is a Power Slap short with over 330 million views.

To put that into perspective the most popular UFC video has 141 million views and the most popular UFC-related short video on the channel has 30 million views.

The current top three Youtube shorts on the UFC’s Youtube page consists of Power Slap shorts.

While fans are still going to complain about Power Slap content showing up on the Youtube UFC page, why that’s not going to change anytime soon.

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