Reaction: Georgia’s National Championship Winning Football Team Opts Not To Visit White House

A UGA logo on football equipment.

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The Georgia Bulldogs won the national title for a second straight season in 2023, becoming the first back-to-back champion in the College Football Playoff era. And for a second straight time, UGA will not visit the White House.

The ‘Dawgs have turned down an invitation from President Joe Biden, sparking a reaction from fans and followers online.

Last year’s absence was due to COVID 19 protocols, which denied players and coaches the opportunity to visit the nation’s capital. This time around, a scheduling conflict has been cited as the reason for Georgia’s not making the trip.

The date offered by the White House was June 12, when many UGA players could be away from campus for summer. It’s also smackdab in the middle of recruiting season as Kirby Smart and his staff bring prospects to campus in hopes of landing commitments.

“Unfortunately, the date suggested is not feasible given the student-athlete calendar and time of year,” a statement from Georgia Athletics said. “However, we are appreciative of the invitation and look forward to other opportunities for Georgia teams moving forward.”

It’s certainly understandable that the team would not visit due to the fact that players won’t be together until fall camp. Most universities are wrapping up graduation ceremonies and getting ready for summer break.

It is interesting, though, given the fact that players on the UGA roster complained about not receiving a White House invite after winning that second title.

It’s not the first White House drama we’ve seen this year. LSU’s Angel Reese said she’d rather visit the Obamas after Jill Biden teased the idea of inviting national runner-up Iowa to visit Washington DC, too.

The Tigers later changed their tune and will be in the capital at the end of the month. The UCONN men’s basketball team will also visit in a few weeks.

Fans online were quick to react to the UGA-White House news, posting replies on social media.

Many sided with the ‘Dawgs with one person saying, “Its because it’s the summer time and players will be scattered. The WH should’ve had it sooner.”

Another follower wrote, “Maybe Natty #3 will have better timing. No offense the White House knew they were on summer break!”

Others, though, disagreed with the decision.

This fan said, “Terrible look for Georgia,” while another posted, “I can’t believe they used the student calendar as an excuse.”

Someone else commented, “After raising hell about not being invited to the White House, UGA has turned down the invitation.”

That makes the 2019 LSU team the last national football champion to visit.