Unamused Peyton Manning Became A Meme During Game 2 Of The Western Conference Finals

unamused Peyton Manning becomes a new meme

Getty Image / Jamie Schwaberow

The Los Angeles Lakers fell into a 2-0 holes in the Western Conference Finals after losing Game 2 in Denver.

NFL Hall of Famer and former Denver Broncos quarterback, Peyton Manning, was in attendance and became a new meme after ESPN’s cameras caught him looking unamused.

Peyton Manning memes, in general, are nothing new on the Internet. But it’s always nice to have some new Peyton Manning memes in the mix and his latest ‘unamused Peyton Manning’ meme is great.

The first of two meme-able moments came with the caption ‘Peyton Manning in the house’ with the Colts and Broncos QB looking deep in thought (aka, zoned out).

The second meme-worthy moment from Peyton Manning happened as LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers walked off the court after losing. Peyton kept his gloating in check until King James walked by. ‘Real recognize real’ or whatever. But showed immediate enthusiasm for the Nuggets win after LeBron James passed.

NBA Twitter came up with a LOT of Peyton Manning memes from these two moments and they came fast.

The Best New Peyton Manning Memes From The NBA Playoffs

The resemblance is uncanny:

Peyton watching Bron walk down the hallway to the locker room:

A lot of people are saying…

He’s a man who likes a crisp, tucked-in shirt. Nothing wrong with that.

Uncalled for…

Someone said “Thinking about them BUSH BEANS.” Another person added “Thatโ€™s the shirt he wore in the baked beans commercial.”

Someone had to bring the Brady-Manning rivalry into it with this comment: “Too bad his father Tom Brady isnโ€™t in attendance.”

Another person joked “It’s like he’s thinking about mowing the lawn tomorrow if it’s nice out.”