The University Of North Carolina Just Suspended Four Football Players Over Hazing Allegations


Another day, another hazing incident. This time instead of having something I can make lots and lots of obnoxious jokes about, like hazing people by peeing on them, we only have a bunch of football players beating each other up. Come on guys, come up with some new material.

During the first week of August, redshirt freshman walk-on wide receiver Jackson Boyer was involved in an alleged physical altercation with multiple teammates in his room at the Aloft hotel in Chapel Hill where the team was staying during fall camp, sources told Yahoo Sports. The incident allegedly left Boyer with a concussion, sources said.

Via Yahoo

As expected, UNC investigated the incident and has decided to suspend four football players in the coming home game against Liberty University.

Desmond Lawrence and Brian Walker, both starting cornerbacks, were among the suspended players. M.J. Stewart, a backup cornerback, and Donnie Miles, a backup at the ‘Ram’ position, were also punished.
“We hold our players accountable for their actions at all times,” said head coach Larry Fedora in a statement. “These players did not meet the high expectations we have for them as members of our program and have been disciplined accordingly. They will not play on Saturday or be on the sideline with their teammates.”
The school did not state the suspensions were related to the investigation of the Boyer incident, but multiple sources said defensive backs were involved in the alleged assault.

Via Yahoo

If they lose the game against Liberty maybe the team’ll think twice before giving out concussions like candy to their own players.

[H/T Yahoo and Total Frat Move]

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