UNC Professor Receives Death Threats for Saying Athlete Was Illiterate

by 5 years ago

Willingham says she expected the death threats. (Which is realistic on her part, but we'd be remiss not to say: Jesus Christ, it's a game.) Willingham says she did not expect, though, for her school to distance itself from her research. From Buzzfeed:

UNC released a written statement saying it didn’t believe Willingham’s story and that it wasn’t able to corroborate her research.

“We do not believe that claim and find it patently unfair to the many student-athletes who have worked hard in the classroom and on the court and represented our University with distinction,” the statement said. “Our students have earned their place at Carolina and we respect what they bring to the University both academically and athletically.”


Various academic scandals have surrounded Carolina for three years now. And will continue in Chapel Hill and elsewhere, as long as anyone thinks you can combine high-level athletics with academics. Just pay these guys and end the sham of the “scholar-athlete.”

[H/T: Buzzfeed]

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