The Undertaker Posted A Workout Photo And His Lats Are The Size Of Coffin Lids

Michelle McCool posted a workout update on Instagram to let us know her body is still looking fine and her husband, The Undertaker, is still a big SOB.

Did upper body #shockandawe from @defrancosgym & @smittydiesel program! Hit 100 s shoulder lay raises, 100 biceps curls, 100 triceps extensions all for time! Threw in 100 25lb Russian twists & “thunderstruck” as my finisher! Haven’t tried it? Play thunderstruck by AC/DC… a burpee (or sprawl….just don’t compromise form) EVERY time you hear the word THUNDER!!! #justafewofourtimes #shockthesystem #smallgymnoproblem #geterdone #CPPS #CalacoolFit

Here’s a closeup of The Undertaker

The Phenom is either getting ready for Wrestlemania in March or just warming up to make an omelet and he’s bringing the YOKED and that’s an egg and weightlifting joke, kids!

[via Michelle McCool]