The Internet Is Very Disturbed By The University Of Florida Coach’s Wife Kissing All Of The Team’s Players

University Of Florida Coachs Wife Megan Mullen Kisses Players On The Lips

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Apparently, the University of Florida coach’s wife Megan Mullen likes to kiss Gators football players as they come off the bus. Totally normal, right?

Yep, you read that right. Gators head coach Dan Mullen’s wife greets all of the Florida players with hugs and kisses when they step off the bus.

According to Total Pro Sports, this is a tradition that goes back awhile.

“At first maybe when I came in they said, ‘wow, who is that blond thats around and is always hugging me,'” Megan Mullen told “Now they come up to me and hug me and talk to me before I get to them.”

Gators wide receiver Tyrie Cleveland said about Megan Mullen, “The way she shows love to us it’s a cool thing to have. It’s good to have a lady like that, sweet and kind.”

Still… it’s weird, right?

“She is like the co-head coach when it comes to being around the players,” said Dan Mullen about his wife. “You know pick them up and she is always positive, always has a smile on her face. But thats who she is. Not just around the players but she does that for me, she always puts a smile on my face.”

*stifles inappropriate joke*

Definitely weird.
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