Urban Meyer’s Viral ‘Throw Like A Girl’ Comments About Joe Burrow Explained

Urban Meyer

Getty Image / Wesley Hitt

Hindsight makes everyone a genius. However, for Urban Meyer, it feels like his takes and comments age poorly more than anyone else.

But that may or may not be the case after some rumored comments about Joe Burrow surfaced.

During a segment on The Pat McAfee Show, the entire crew dives into the rumors.

Apparently, Urban Meyer told Joe Burrow that he’s a “D2 quarterback at best.” Additionally, the former head coach allegedly told Burrow that he “throws like a girl.”

Here’s the full clip of McAfee and the crew discussing the topic at hand.

Yeah. When you look at it this way, Urban Meyer’s comments about Joe Burrow are downright dreadful.

However, for clarity, these comments may have been take completely out of context. Especially considering Burrow doesn’t have any bad blood with Meyer whatsoever, per On3.

“‘No, no,’ said Burrow when asked did he and Meyer have a bad relationship. ‘I mean, it got intense at times. Cause, you know, I wasn’t playing, and we were competing, and I was a backup quarterback. But I love coach Meyer. There’s nothing but love there.'”

At the same time, there may be some legitimacy in these rumored comments. According to On3, Joe Burrow explains it’s a way Urban Meyer motivates young players.

Here’s what Burrow had to say about it all. He even confirms that Meyer told him that he “throws like a girl.”

“Very hard, yeah. He’s the kind of guy that when a new guy gets there he’s gonna put him in the fire and see how he responds. He stands right behind the quarterback and if you make a bad throw he’s gonna let you know it. So some guys can handle it, some guys can’t. And once you get through that and he realizes you’re a tough guy, good player, works hard, then the relationship kind of switches to more of a friend than hard coach. He told me I throw like a girl one time.”

So there you have it. Urban Meyer likes to be tough on young players to see how they react. It’s probably not uncommon for coaches at the college level to use that strategy.

Clearly, Joe Burrow is a good player, as he quickly became one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL after winning a National Championship at LSU.

So, we’ll let Meyer off the hook for this one.