College Football Fans In Disbelief Over Urban Meyer’s Pick For Best Roster

Urban Meyer

Getty Image / Kevin C. Cox

We’re still a ways away from the college football season, but teams across the nation are finalizing their rosters for what should be an exciting year.

Having said that, Urban Meyer is still lingering around after the failed experiment in the NFL.

As of right now, he is an analyst who provides his opinion on nearly every team.

With that said, Urban Meyer revealed which program he believes has the best roster in college football right now. His pick has some fans in disbelief.

According to Unnecessary Roughness, Meyer believes the Texas Longhorns have the best roster in the nation. Here is his full statement about the Longhorns football team.

Texas certainly has a great lineup. It’s hard to argue against that. They have some of the most highly touted quarterbacks on the team. Additionally, the Longhorns have a rather thorough roster overall.

But are they better than Alabama? Or what about Ohio State? How about the back-to-back defending champions in Georgia?

There are plenty of other teams that could just as easily be listed with Texas.

But Urban Meyer sticks with the Longhorns as his pick for the college football team with the best roster.

Fans couldn’t really believe it. Even Longhorns fans seemed a little hesitant to agree with him.

It’s about that time of year when people start clamoring “Texas is back!”

Several fans believe Urban Meyer not-so-secretly wants the Texas job.

Nobody is forgetting that bar incident.

This might be true, but Urban Meyer likes what he sees in Texas.

Hey, maybe this is the year the Longhorns finally get back on top of the college football world.

At the very least, they caught Meyer’s attention early in the offseason. If they can string things together, this very well could be a dangerous team in 2023.

If not, then we’re sure plenty of college football fans won’t let Urban Meyer forget this statement.