A Court At The U.S. Open Reeks Of Weed And There’s Nothing Organizers Can Do

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Tennis is really one of the only sports that can give golf a run for its money when it comes to its emphasis on etiquette, as players and spectators alike are expected to be on their best behavior. However, the U.S. Open is dealing with an interesting problem thanks to outsiders who’ve inundated some matches with the smell of marijuana.

In 2022, Nick Kyrgios complained about the stench of weed inside Louis Armstrong Stadium during his showdown with Benjamin Bonzi (which was supposedly coming from a nearby loading dock) and asserted it was hampering his performance.

However, he’s not the only player to encounter a similar issue.

According to The Associated Press, a number of players have aired their grievances after detecting that signature skunky odor while playing at the 2023 U.S. Open, and one specific area (Court 17 which Alexander Zverev said “smells like Snoop Dogg’s living room”) has seemingly emerged as the most egregious offender.

While fans who attend the U.S. Open aren’t permitted to spark up a joint on the grounds of the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, it’s believed the issues at Court 17 stem from weed smokers doing exactly that inside Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

New York City technically has a ban against any form of smoking within the borders of its parks, but the combination of legal marijuana and virtually nonexistent enforcement means it’s not incredibly rare to encounter the smell that apparently has a tendency to waft into the nearby tennis venue.

A reporter for the outlet spoke with a security guard who agreed the stench was hard to ignore but acknowledged it’s “outside my jurisdiction,” and at least one player who said they were distracted by the smell admitted “People can do whatever they want” in the nearby park.

As a result, it seems like this is just something tennis players are going to have to deal with.

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