Incredible 4K POV Video Shows What It’s Like To Run Out Of Tunnel As Football Player At USC

USC football
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USC football is back. The Trojans were largely irrelevant during the latter portion of Clay Helton’s tenure as head coach, but Lincoln Riley‘s arrival injected new life into the program, its culture, and its fanbase.

A college football team that frequently struggled to draw crowds is packing out its stadium on a weekly basis. A team that reached just one bowl game (and lost) from 2018-2021 is coming off of a Cotton Bowl bid on the heels of an 11-win season led by Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams.

There is new life in Los Angeles and the buzz around the program is deafening. Expectations are as high as they have been in more than a decade.

With the reinvigoration has come a seismic shift in energy. Celebrities that had long distanced themselves from the program are back.

That includes Snoop Dogg, who narrated USC’s hype video last weekend!

If the return of D-O-Double G doesn’t exemplify the Trojans‘ return to relevance, a video that went viral from Saturday’s game against Stanford most certainly will. USC’s video team is top tier.

Radmen Niven, the executive director of marketing & branding for the football team, grabbed his FX6 Cinema Line camera and followed linebacker Eric Gentry out of the tunnel during pregame. The 30-second clip shows what it is like to run onto the field at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum amid the fireworks and fanfare.

It feels as though you are right there in the moment and it couldn’t be much cooler! Of course, setting the video to 2Pac was also a nice touch.

As Williams, Riley and the Trojans try to reach the promised land in 2023, its video team is working overtime behind the scenes to draw eyeballs to Los Angeles and they’re doing a great job. USC football is officially back!

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