REPORT: College Football Could Be Turned On Its Head As USC And UCLA Are Set To Join The Big Ten

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  • Conference realignment has reshaped the college football world over the last decade.
  • Texas and Oklahoma made huge waves when they announced they were leaving the Big 12 for the SEC.
  • Now it’s the Big Ten’s turn, with rumors swirling that the conference is about to add two powerhouse programs.

Holy bombshell, Batman!

Conference realignment has been the talk of the town for a number of years in college football. Texas and Oklahoma dropped a gigantic bomb on the college sports world when they agreed to leave the Big 12 for the SEC just last summer.

Now it’s the Big Ten’s turn to get in on the fun.

Pac-12 reporter Jon Wilner dropped an absolute nuke on the college sports world on Thursday afternoon when he reported that conference powerhouses USC and UCLA are planning to leave the conference and join the Big Ten.

The news shook through Twitter with fans and reporters alike having a lot to say.

A number of reporters quickly confirmed Wilner’s report as well.

USC and UCLA represented perhaps the Pac-12s two biggest brands and the move would be potentially crippling for the conference long-term.

And according to Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic, this may not be the last of the moves.

Pac-12 standouts Oregon and Washington are already popping up as teams that could follow USC and UCLA. While the ACC appears ripe for the picking by both the Big Ten and SEC.

Lincoln Riley’s Job Just Got More Difficult

When Lincoln Riley left Oklahoma for USC in the offseason, fans saw it as shrewd career move. The Sooners are about to be thrust into the country’s deepest conference and USC was in a position to take advantage of a struggling Pac-12 conference. Now that may no longer be the case, and fans are loving it.

FOX Sports reporter Bruce Feldman indicates that the USC and UCLA deals are far from being a done deal. But both schools want out and the Big Ten appears happy to have them.

Buckle up, college football fans. Things about to get bumpy yet again.