Victor Cruz and Chris Ivory On the Xbox One, ‘Madden’, and Why Every Bro Needs the Xbox NFL App

While hanging out at the Xbox Loft, BroBible had a chance to talk to Victor Cruz and Chris Ivory about the Xbox One, playing as themselves in Madden, and the Super Bowl. 

BroBible: What do you think about the Xbox One? 

Victor Cruz: It's pretty cool man. I didn't know you could do all these cool NFL games on the Xbox One. You can do some many things with it now that you couldn't do before. Like, I can keep my Xbox on all day without having to turn it off and you can play games while watching TV. It's so cool. 

Do you guys play video games?  

Chris Ivory: Yeah, I'm a Madden and Call of Duty guy. 

Nice. Have you played Ghosts? 

Chris Ivory: Yeah. It's great. I haven't played the multiplayer yet, but I'm still playing the campaign right now. It's so cool. I've been playing Call of Duty for a long time. A couple of my friends introduced me to the multiplayer stuff a few years ago. 

As NFL players, how much fun is it to play Madden? Do you like playing against your teammates? 

Victor Cruz: Absolutely. We're always having competitions at training camp against each other. It's so much fun.  

What do you not like about yourselves in Madden

Chris Ivory: We'll there's not much not to like. 

Did you ever play and be like, “dang this is nothing like how I play?”

Chris Ivory: Yeah, it's been like that before for me, but this time they got it right. 

Victor Cruz: They did a really good job year getting all of us right this year. 

What do you like about playing Madden on the Xbox One vs. the 360? 

Victor Cruz: The graphics are great and the gameplay is so much smoother. The different angles they have when you catch a ball are a lot cooler on the Xbox One than what it was on the 360. 

You're both hosting the Super Bowl here in New York this year. What are you the most excited about? 

Chris Ivory: For starters, it's right up the street. Pretty nice that it's only a 45-minute drive. 

Victor Cruz: I think the best part is getting to do it in a city with all these people from everywhere across the world. When you do it in a big metropolitan area, all these people in this big melting pot get to be excited about the Super Bowl. There's going to be people from everywhere who will want to see the game. I think having all those people excited about football in New York City is going to be pretty great.  

What about the weather? 

Victor Cruz: We'll that's a different story… I think it definitely plays a part, but from a player's stand-point, you don't care where you're playing — you just want to get it done. From a fan standpoint, it's going to be pretty different when it's eight or ten degrees and you're in the stands at gametime. 

Guess you're hoping it's not like that last rainy Giants game…

Victory Cruz: Hahaha… Yes. EXACTLY. 

Any crazy predictions? 

Victor Cruz: I've got Seattle-Denver in the game. I just think the top is too good this year. Those top tier teams are just too good. It's going to be tough to beat them, so we'll see. 

If it's Seattle-Denver, who do you got? 

I've got Denver in a close one, for sure. 



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