Victor Wembanyama Was Excited That 1 Particular Team Did Not Get The Top Draft Pick

Victor Wembanyama walks the court during a game.

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Victor Wembanyama is expected to be the top pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. On Tuesday night, he learned his likely fate in the draft lottery.

The San Antonio Spurs landed the rights to that No. 1 selection, meaning Wembanyama should give Gregg Popovich a dynamic weapon in Texas.

The 7-foot-3 big man is maybe the most anticipated prospect to ever enter the league. Whether that translates to success on the court, time will tell.

Wembanyama’s skillset shouldn’t be what holds him back, though.

The center can stretch the floor, handle the ball, facilitate with teammates, and shoot. Like many European bigs before him, he boasts the ability to hit the three, the midrange, and get inside.

His frame, though lanky, should also give NBA players something to think about when driving to the hoop. If you don’t believe that folks are excited about Wembanyama’s future in the league, just watch the reaction of Spurs fans watching that draft lottery Tuesday night.

One San Antonio bar even gave out free drinks to patrons after the team landed that top selection.

Wembanyama certainly seemed excited with the way the lottery worked out, believing the franchise to be the best possible spot to begin his career.

The Spurs have long had a history of developing international stars in the NBA. Fellow Frenchman Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and Tim Duncan come to mind.

While things seemed to work out in Wembanyama’s favor, it wasn’t a guarantee that San Antonio would secure that first pick. Judging by his reaction to learning the draft order, it’s safe to say he’s glad one team, in particular, didn’t come in at No. 1.

When the Houston Rockets were called at No. 4, Wembanyama appeared to give a little fist pump. Fans immediately noted the celebration.

One person said, “No, he was way too happy,” while another wrote, “He couldn’t be happier to avoid H-Town.”

Some Houston players even took notice, including former first-round pick Jabari Smith. We’ll see if they hold a grudge when they see Victor Wembanyama in his rookie season.