Spurs Fans Create Unreal Scene Inside San Antonio Bar That Promised Free Drinks If Team Got No. 1 Pick

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The NBA is one of the many sports leagues that are structured to hand out consolation prizes to the worst teams during any given season in the form of the top draft picks they can theoretically use to secure players with the potential to reverse their fortunes.

There are plenty of instances where franchises that earned the top overall selection in the NBA Draft have capitalized in a major way by scooping up generational talents like Hakeem Olajuwon and LeBron James.

Based on all of the evidence at hand, it’s very, very hard to believe Victor Wembanyama won’t make a similar impact when he takes his talents to the next level, as the 7’2″ French phenom has been surrounded by an amount of hype the basketball world hasn’t seen since a certain Kid From Akron made waves in the early 2000s.

As a result, the stakes were incredibly high ahead of the NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday night.

The Spurs, Rockets, and Pistons were tied with the best odds to walk away with the No. 1 pick heading into the event, and while the promise of getting to draft Wembanyama was enough to get most fans invested in the outcome, hundreds of people in San Antonio were also hoping they might be able to get some free drinks when everything was said and done.

The Roo Pub used the draft lottery to drum up business by offering to cover the tab of anyone who headed to the bar to watch the lottery unfold, and KENS reporter Tom Petrini was on the scene to capture the reaction when Adam Silver announced the Spurs had edged out the other 13 teams in the running.

As you’d expect, it was absolute pandemonium.

I honestly wouldn’t have blamed them for reacting in the same manner if free drinks hadn’t even been on the line, but it’s certainly some delicious icing on the cake.