INSANE Video Of A Croatian Boxer Beating The Shit Out Of A Referee

Croatian boxer Vido Loncar was apparently not happen with the referee’s work after his fight with Algirdas Baniulis of Lithuania at the European Youth Boxing Championship so rather than voice his displeasure he let his fists do the talking.

In the video you can see Loncar casually walk over to the referee before dropping him with a big right hand then as Baniulis hightails it out of the ring Loncar continues to ground and pound on the ref before someone grabs him by the ankle and drags his weak sauce ass out of the ring.

Amazingly this all reportedly happened BEFORE the fight’s decision was even announced. Makes one wonder what could possibly have set Loncar off to pull such a piece of shit move.

Here’s another angle of the beatdown.

H/T Cage Potato