VIDEO: Tristan Thompson Kisses Sideline Reporter During Interview, Which You Don’t Fucking Do

Being a female sports reporter is hard work. Not only is it a male-dominated world, untoward expectations of everything from looks, to dress, to demeanor are heaped upon woman reporters, the kind that no one ever places on their male counterparts.

It’s fucked up.

One way to perpetuate that bullshit, and not be an active force for good in the world, is to kiss a sideline reporter in the middle of an interview.

But here we have the Cavaliers’ Tristan Thompson leaning in after an interview and kissing the back of the head of Fox Sports’ Allie Clifton.

Hey, don’t fucking do that. Ever.

Sure, Thompson is only 23 and he’ll learn, but I hope he learns by way of a decent suspension. Because while this may seem trivial, it’s not. It’s extremely trivializing.

[Via The Early Lead]