Vikings Fans Are Angry After Refs Call Back Obvious Adam Thielen Touchdown, Then Miss Huge Block In The Back Penalty

by 6 months ago

In the second quarter of tonight’s Thursday Night game between the Vikings and the Rams, Minnesota WR Adam Thielen should have had been awarded a touchdown when he caught a ball, rolled on the ground, and ran into endzone, but unfortunately Thielen was called down by the refs officiating the game.

When you check the replay it’s clear that Rams corner Marcus Peters didn’t touch Thielen while he was on the ground which means that the play shouldn’t been called down.

Later in the game, the refs screwed the Vikings again when they missed a huge block in the back penalty during Todd Gurley’s 57-yard gain which led to a TD a few minutes later.

Here is Fox referee analyst Mike Pereira dumbfounded on how the refs screwed up the call.

The Vikings eventually lost the game by a touchdown and Vikings fans were pissed.