Vince McMahon Reportedly ‘Killed’ Biopic Starring Bradley Cooper

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77-year-old WWE executive chairman Vince McMahon may have lost his job as CEO last June, but he’s still apparently got a lot of pull.

McMahon was relieved of his duties after revelations of large hush money payments ($19.6 million) made to former female employees who made claimed he sexual harassed and assaulted them were revealed.

However, nearly six months after he announced his retirement, Vince McMahon returned to WWE in January after he elect himself to the company’s board of directors using his shareholder voting power.

That isn’t the only power he still wields, according to John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, the writers behind a Vince McMahon biopic called Pandemonium.

Back in 2017, reports stated that Bradley Cooper had been slated to star in the film with Requa and Ficarra being co-directors.

Now, however, following numerous scandals surrounding McMahon, Vince was allegedly able to put the kibosh on it.

“Pandemonium is dead, sadly,” Ficarra told /Film this week.

“Vince killed it,” added Requa.

“We have never in our career had the studio, we had an actor, everybody was just like, ‘Let’s make this movie,’ and Vince said, ‘We’re not making it,'” Requa revealed.

“So, yeah, we are on a very long list of people who got f—ed over by Vince,” Requa added.

A similar project, a Netflix documentary about Vince McMahon executive produced by Bill Simmons, was initially slated for a 2022 release. In January of this year, Simmons said production on it is still ongoing, but no new release date has been set.

Vince McMahon, who is reportedly trying to sell WWE, made his first appearance backstage on the most recent edition of Monday Night Raw since returning to the company in January.

“Speaking off the record with multiple people who were backstage, McMahon purposely stayed out of the way last week,” Justin Barasso of reported on Wednesday. “His presence was noticeable, naturally, but he made sure that people noticed he was not involved. Despite being front and center, sitting in the middle of Bruce Prichard and Levesque in the gorilla position, McMahon did not wear a headset, and spent a large portion of the evening on his cellphone. When any of the wrestlers went over to ask Levesque for feedback after his segment, McMahon hardly even raised his head — and never offered any insight.”

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