Viral Yankees Bat Boy ID’d, Sports New Look After Criticism Of Long Hair

A New York Yankees logo on a baseball cap.


A Yankees bat boy who recently went viral has been identified. The young man, who received criticism for his long hair during a matchup between New York and Cleveland, made another appearance in Game 2 of the series.

The ballpark employee’s name is Nate, and he apparently plays the drums in a local band. Fans online have been fascinated with the follow-up to this saga.

On Monday, the Yankees and Guardians faced off in the opener of a three-game set. YES Network announcer Michael Kay noticed the bat boy, who was sporting the pinstripes in front of the Yankees dugout.

As cameras panned in on the long-haired staffer, Kay began to point out all of the team rules the young man was breaking while repping the New York uniform.

Those rules included his hair style, mustache, and bright red shoes.

While the comments were made in jest, there were some from the Cleveland faithful who took offense to the remarks. Others, however, had some fun with the moment. It appeared that Nate was taking part in the joke, too.

After receiving that initial criticism, that same Yankees bat boy came out sporting a new look in Game 2 of the series. He was spotted in front of the New York dugout with his hair tucked into his hat, as to adhere by team rules.

“They tucked the hair under the helmet,” Kay begins. “We found out about him. His name is Nate, and he’s in a band. He’s a drummer. Open Doors is the name of the band. He found all the uproar from social media humorous yesterday.”

Many online lost it after seeing the new getup.

One fan wrote, “Respect him for respecting the uniform.” Another said, “Nice of Michael Kay to give his band a shoutout.”

One person claims that he’s actually the son of Guardians radio broadcaster Jim Rosenhaus.

In the end, it seemed that everyone had fun with the moment. Check out some music by the Open Doors on their YouTube page.