Yankees Announcer’s Criticism Of Long-Haired Bat Boy Goes Viral

A view from outside of Yankee Stadium.


MLB viewers are reacting to comments made by Yankees commentator Michael Kay. The play-by-play personality was heard calling out a bat boy in a game versus the Guardians.

Many were quick to post reactions to the remarks, particularly a few from the Cleveland baseball community.

The criticism came during Monday’s matchup between the two foes, with Kay singling out a ballpark employee for his long hair. The announcer jokingly said the hairstyle and mustache violated team rules.

Kay calls games for the Yankees’ YES Network, who posted a video of the interaction to its YouTube page. The clip is now gaining some online attention.

“It’s strange to see a Yankees uniform and somebody wearing that uniform with that kind of hair,” Kay started. “Rules are rules. He’s disobeying two of them. The facial hair and, obviously, the hair below the collar.”

His boothmate also noted a third violation in his red shoes.

While the remarks were made in jest, some from the Guardians’ Reddit community weren’t happy with the commentary. They blasted the criticism being thrown the bat boy’s way.

One person asked, “Do they want him to shave his head for 3 games?” Many suggested that the worker was likely a Guardians’ employee, not actually a full-time bat boy for the Yankees.

Another person wrote, “The Yankees are lame, and they suck.” He might still feel some sting from New York’s ALDS victory over Cleveland last postseason.

This fan had a perfect response for future opposing teams, saying, “I think it would be hilarious is EVERY team the Yankees visit gives them bat boys with long hair and red shoes.”

Others had some fun with it.

Other comparisons included Todd Rundgren and Trevor Lawrence’s cousin.

Some might say karma caught up to the Yankees for the brutal bat boy roast. New York lost the game, 3-2, after jumping out to an early lead.

The Yanks got on the scoreboard with a two-run double from Giancarlo Stanton in the top of the first frame but wouldn’t score again. Cleveland, meanwhile, tied the game up in the fourth inning before taking a one-run advantage in the seventh.

The two teams will face off again on Tuesday in Game 2.