Volleyball Star Kayla Simmons Latest Beach Photos Go Viral

Kayla Simmons volleyball court

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Former volleyball star Kayla Simmons has made the transition to a full-time Instagram model.

In college, Simmons played division 1 volleyball for four years at Marshall.

After leaving college, Simmons has thrived as a social media influencer and has over 900k followers on Instagram while also launching her premium subscription site.

Simmons spoke about the transition from college athletics to full-time modeling.

Via New York Post

“College athletics was a great experience for me, but it also taught me some valuable lessons,” said Simmons

“I was told by my school administrators that the pictures I post are inappropriate because of my body, I was even asked to delete my Instagram at one point.

“I was torn because I felt I couldn’t embrace my body and play the sport I love. I’ve since learned that you can’t let other people affect how you feel about yourself. I am who I am, & it’s okay to be confident!”

On Tuesday, a confident Simmons shared her latest beach Instagram photo, and it instantly went viral.

Here are some more beach snaps from Kayla.

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