Von Miller Told A Story That Should Remind The World That Buffalo Bills Fans Are Awesome


Getty Image / Joshua Bessex

Fans of the Buffalo Bills hold a special place in the world of sports. For the most part, their standing among sports fans is based on their proclivity for jumping through tables, throwing objects on the field during games, and certain acts they’ve performed inside of the stadium.

However, there is a side of Bills Mafia that doesn’t get quite as much attention from other fans. Bills fans are among the most generous in all of sports, with them regularly donating to causes that are special to players, including some opposing players.

They are also very dedicated to the Bills’ players, perhaps more so than any other fan base is dedicated to their team’s players.

Von Miller hasn’t been a member of the Buffalo Bills for very long, but he is already learning how awesome the team’s fan base is.

Today, Von Miller revealed how Bills fans reacted when he made a comment about the toilet paper at training camp and it’s pretty awesome.

Football fans are great but Bills Mafia is different. I made one comment last week about the toilet paper at training camp and they haven’t stopped mailing me different kinds of toilet paper and plant-based wipes.

When a coin toss was the deciding factor in your 2021 season, you never know what kind of seemingly arbitrary factor could be the thing that leads the Bills to a Super Bowl in 2022.

If the Bills finally win their first Super Bowl this season, don’t be surprised to see a bunch of other teams’ fans suddenly becoming very concerned about the players’ toilet paper preferences.

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