Guy Has To Spend 24 Hours Inside Waffle House As Part Of Epic Fantasy Football Punishment But There’s A Twist

Waffle House epic Fantasy Football punishment

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  • This guy’s epic Fantasy Football punishment required him to stay inside Waffle House for 24 hours but gave him a chance to get out early
  • There was a clever catch: every waffle he ate shaved time off the 24 hours he had to spend inside Waffle House as part of the Fantasy Football punishment
  • He live-tweeted his entire time spent in the Mississippi 24-hour breakfast establishment so we could all enjoy the misery
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Fantasy Football punishment comes in all shapes and sizes. It might require someone to stand on a street corner holding a stupid sign for hours. A guy might have to take his friend to a steakhouse only to sit there and watch the league winner eat a steak while he’s forced to eat a salad. Or you might have to spend 24 hours inside of a Mississippi Waffle House.

Journalist Lee Sanderlin had to do exactly that. Spend a day of his life in a Waffle House as part of his league’s epic fantasy football punishment. But there was a clever catch. For every waffle that he consumed an hour was shaved off his time. Some of you might be thinking you’d just roll in and eat 24 waffles but you’d likely go into diabetic shock. This is the Awful Waffle we’re talking about here.

Lee just got out of the Waffle House after enduring his epic fantasy football punishment and he live-tweeted everything along the way. He began this endeavor at 4:07 PM Central time on Thursday. Here’s his wild ride:

There are a lot of tweets in this thread. Did I mention that? We’re talking a day in the life at Waffle House here as part of a Fantasy Football punishment. There was no way this was going to go fast. So buckle up and enjoy the tweets!

Everyone knows the roster sucks. That’s literally why he’s stuck in a Waffle House for 24 hours. It’s possible that drinking the Waffle House beer might’ve made the time move by faster. Or not.

The end is in sight at this point but the misery is real and that doesn’t speed up the adventure at all. The middle of the night at Waffle House is not a cheery place.

I’d be getting claustrophobic at this point.

R.I.P. his toilet. After 9 waffles and 15 straight hours in a Waffle House, the porcelain throne will never be the same. Nor will his insides.

A creative fantasy football punishment is truly a game-changer. I’ve shared this many times here on BroBible but I used to be in a league where we had extra money in the dues so the winner could choose anywhere (they could afford) to buy a one-way ticket and the last place finisher had to go there and complete a mission. The stakes were high.

This guy got stuck flying from NYC to the middle of the desert. Hours outside of Death Valley he had to spend the night in a haunted Clown Motel. It’s horrifying. The clown motel has a graveyard next door. If you are looking for a clever fantasy football punishment then check this one out.