Washington The Latest PAC 12 School To Schedule Board Meeting As Realignment Rumors Swirl

A Washington Huskies logo on a football helmet.

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Washington is the latest PAC 12 member to schedule a board meeting as realignment rumors continue to swirl. The “special meeting” will presumably be held to discuss the future of the athletics program.

The Conference of Champions is slowing dismantling as affiliates depart for greener pastures. With a media rights deal nowhere in sight, schools are weighing their options.

USC and UCLA were the first to make a move, announcing their intentions to bail for the Big Ten last offseason. This year will be the universities’ last in the league.

Colorado followed suit shortly after, opting to join the Big XII in 2024. Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah are rumored to have interest in joining the conference, too.

Many believe the Big XII will stop with the addition of one, or possibly three more teams, but they aren’t the only one pouncing on the PAC 12.

Reports have circulated stating the Big Ten’s intent to expand further. They’ve already taken the conference’s top brands while swiping the Los Angeles market. Now, they have their eyes set on two more eye-catching programs.

Oregon and Washington are the league’s top targets as it mulls the addition of two more teams. Cal and Stanford have also been linked to the conference.

The Huskies seem to be taking action as they’ve now scheduled a board meeting for Thursday night.

Fans have been quick to react to the news. Many believe Washington could be the next domino to fall in realignment.

“Welp… add Oregon and Washington to the B10,” one fan wrote.

“Bye bye, Pac-12,” said another.

Should the Huskies decide to move on, it could signal the end of the PAC 12 as we know it. The college sports landscape is undergoing major change as programs chase the almighty dollar.