Watch A Woman Get A Hole-In-One During Her First Ever Round Of Golf

by 4 years ago

First of all, are we sure she is even on a legit tee box? That looks like the fairway. How can we be certain this hole-in-one isn’t just a hole out? Is it dickish of me to protest this out of my own jealousy? It probably is, but fuck it.

This burns my ass. My mother has two hole-in-ones the same goddamn way. Pure luck. Were either of them beautiful, high-arching, shapely shots that landed in the hole because of her extreme skill? No. I witnessed one of them and it was a blazing line drive that caught the lip of a fucking bunker and went into the hole. Had the bunker not been there she would have been in the water over the green. I was happy for her at the time, of course, but looking back on it, the fact that it happened now disgusts me. I have issues.


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