WATCH – USF Punter Gets Demolished In Monster Hit From Notre Dame Defensive


Nothing like a college football Saturday, amrite? The storylines for today’s slate are all-kinds of chaotic. Tulsa easily managed to cover against a terrible-looking Oklahoma State. Florida State coach Mike Norvell tested positive for coronavirus. Pitt beat ‘Cuse, Navy upset Tulane in a spectacular comeback. Cinncinati ran up the score to 55 while Clemson is *probably* going to do the exact same, if not more, to Citadel (should have taken the over at 56).

It almost feels like a perfectly normal September Saturday. Almost.

But I direct your attention to Notre Dame vs the University of South Florida Bulls. My entire body hurts after watching USF’s punter get demolished in the end zone by Notre Dame’s Jordan Botelho. 

Bad snap and recovery just sets the whole thing up for disaster.

It’s absolutely menacing.

If there’s one silver lining to really bad early season college football, it’s monster plays like this:

I felt that in my coldhearted soul. The USF punter that got leveled, by the way, is Trent Schnieder. He’s a 5th year Australian graduate student at USF.

I’m shook to learn that he’s significantly older than Patrick Mahomes.