When Wayne Rooney Stops To Sign Autographs, So Does His 5-Year-Old Son

by 5 years ago

Like father, like son.

When your dad wears a full Manchester United uniform to work, so do you. When your dad signs autographs for tons of adoring fans at Old Trafford, naturally, so do you.

Kai Rooney, everybody. He’s five years-old. “Celebrity” ingrained in his genetics.

Left-handed too? He couldn’t be any cooler.

And you totally know that signature is going to be worth, like, 2,500 British pounds plus, give it 13 or 14 years. There’s no way that young Kai Rooney isn’t debuting for the English national team around then. I’ll take bets on it! Like Rory McIlroy’s dad did for him winning the British Open.

Kid’s already got football life down to a science, and obviously, he’s developed a great rapport with the Red Devil faithful. Kai Rooney, living legend at the age of five. The love of all of Manchester (excluding City fans, duh).

Crushing life, Kai. Crushing life.

[h/t ITV News]

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