These WCW And WWF Show Intros From Back In The Day Are As Cheesy As They Are Awesome

by 4 years ago
WWF old school intro videos


YouTube in general has always served as a tremendous resource for anything and everything old school wrestling. It’s always pretty easy to get yourself caught up in a good old fashioned ‘rasslin wormhole. All it takes is one gem to kickstart the journey.

Well, Ryan Glasspiegel over at TBL checked in on a particularly good YouTube wrestling account, Monsoon Classic, and quickly realized that over the last 24 hours at least a dozen new videos had been uploaded of some super cheesy WCW and WWF — yes, WWF — intros that feature some hilariously awful, yet appropriate music.

My oh my, how far we’ve come. This tantalizing WCW intro is from 1990 but feels like it’s from 1968.

It’s safe to say that the WCW video team saw little growth from 1990 to 1993. But man, that music. Quite the tone-setter.

This is where it gets pretty special. Did the WWF jack a beat from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” for this 1985 intro? If it were to happen today, this would probably turn into a major lawsuit. That, or Michael Jackson being totally cool with it and agreeing to make a shocking appearance at WrestleMania involving a steel chair shot.

Things definitely picked up for the WWF in 1989. Check out Gorilla Monsoon, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan at the 32-second mark. It’s about as classic as it gets.

What great memories these are, even if these are just now becoming memories for you.

Wrestling was such a cartoon in the mid-80s and well into the 90s. Not that it isn’t today, but man, the characters were certainly far more distinct and over the top. There was absolutely no mistaking one for the other.

I’ll go ahead and leave you with this completely absurd wrestling jingle from 1995 that races through multiple names of WWF superstars. It’s hypnotizing.

And impressively ridiculous. But as always, it’s kinda hard to watch just one.


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