The RGIII Saga Opens the Week 13 NFL Picks

Some fans and local reporters are calling for RG3 to be benched because he's injured and Kirk Cousins gives the Redskins the best chance to win. But winning games isn't the important thing right now. The season is over and every win ruins their draft position. (They don't have a first-round pick, but they will have others that would be affected as well.) Getting the team on the right track is the top priority. RG3 shouldn't be playing if he's immobile because he isn't Peyton Manning. He relies on his legs to be successful and he clearly isn't as effective without them. It's also ruined his form and that's a terrible thing. It's nice that he wanted to play hurt, but if it’s not helping the team, it just comes off as selfish and that’s what most people think.

There is something bigger at hand here and it should be no surprise. The Redskins organization is a mess. Ray Lewis had it right after Monday’s game. They trusted a really young kid to lead their team, which is nice when there’s success, but doesn’t work when there’s failure. They need other locker room leaders to help take off the heat off Griffin. He might end up being a selfish asshole, but at least give him a chance to succeed. And don’t play the guy if he’s not 100 percent. The guy is supposed to be your future. But it’s Dan Snyder at the top of the pyramid here, so no one should be surprised.

Survivor Pick of the Week:


It's a really tough week in survivor pools. This follows on the heels of a couple situations that downright ended them. People felt alright about Houston laying double digits at home to Jacksonville, but that didn't work out. Detroit also couldn't get their shit together to beat the Buccaneers.

This week's nightmare starts with Philadelphia. The assumption is that you've used Dallas, New England, Seattle, or Carolina to get this far. Of the other home favorites this week, Philadelphia is the one I'm the most comfortable picking. They're coming off a bye and they've been playing well on both sides of the ball. Arizona has to come east for the early start and Carson Palmer has looked too good to be true in the last couple games. Another option would be Buffalo hosting Atlanta, but remember that would require you backing Buffalo.‎ Good luck with anything else…

Reggie: Philadelphia

Locks of the Week:

Jacksonville +7.5 over CLEVELAND

Is this really what it's come to? I'm locking up Jacksonville? The bottom line is Brandon Weeden shouldn't be favored by anything more than three points. Plus, Jacksonville is still trying hard while Cleveland has clearly given up on their season.

Reggie: Jacksonville

‎‎PHILADELPHIA -3.5 over Arizona

As mentioned above, I'm flying with the Eagles this week.

Reggie: As I mentioned above, me too.

SAN FRANCISCO -9.5 over St. Louis

The 49ers are really good at beating below-average teams. Despite winning their last two games, the Rams are still fit that criteria.

Reggie: San Francisco

Trap Game of the Week:

Miami +1.5 over N.Y. JETS

The vultures are swirling to pounce on Geno Smith. He doesn't deal well with good pass rushes and Miami has one with Cameron Wake. Miami's offensive line against the Jets front four worries me, but not more than Geno does.

Reggie: Miami

Rest of the Picks:

Green Bay +6.5 over DETROIT

Like you, I find myself in need of having action on the Thanksgiving games just because. The Lions' secondary will make Matt Flynn look respectable if they made Mike Glennon look like a superstar.

Reggie: Detroit

‎Oakland +9.5 over DALLAS

Honestly, who scheduled Oakland on Thanksgiving?? There were only four AFC options for Dallas. The Broncos probably asked not to be there, but we couldn't have at least gotten Phil Rivers and San Diego? The Raiders might be here because of their nationwide presence, but that's just stupid. There's always a lot of hype surrounding Dallas on Thanksgiving, but there's major letdown potential after last week's season saving win against the Giants.

Reggie: Oakland

BALTIMORE -3.5 over Pittsburgh

Rivalries are nice, but exciting games are better. This will be a typical ugly blood bath with the loser likely eliminated from playoff contention. The Ravens' defense is coming around and the offense just seems to pass so much‎ better at home.

Reggie: Baltimore

‎HOUSTON +7.5 over New England

Letdown city for New England this week. Plus there's no reason Houston should only be dogged by a little more than a touchdown given how poorly they've played. They’re basically at the University of Florida level right now. I smell a rat here and I'm pouncing.

Reggie: New England

MINNESOTA +0.5 over Chicago

If the Bears could play any defense at all, I'd be locking this one up in their favor. Unfortunately for them, they don't play defense this year and let guys like Benny Cunningham gash them. Adrian Peterson is just slightly better than Cunningham.

Reggie: Chicago

INDIANAPOLIS -4.5 over Tennessee

After starting slowly in way too many recent games, I've got a feeling Indianapolis comes out firing this week. We wouldn't be having this conversation if they realized they shouldn't just hand off to Trent Richardson on more than 50 percent of first quarter plays.

Reggie: Indianapolis

CAROLINA -8.5 over Tampa Bay

The honeymoon is over for Mike Glennon. It's time for him to face a strong defense again.

Reggie: Tampa Bay

‎Atlanta +3.5 over BUFFALO

When two teams both suck, you take the points.

Reggie: Buffalo

SAN DIEGO -1.5 over Cincinnati

I was just as surprised as you when San Diego actually won a close game last week. This might be a different story if Cincinnati's defense had played any better against offenses not led by Brandon Weeden in the last few weeks.

Reggie: San Diego

KANSAS CITY +4.5 over Denver
Andy Reid needs to open up the Chiefs' offense if he has any chance of beating Denver this week. He should've learned his lesson in the first game between these teams. The defensive injuries are worrying, but it looks like Tamba Hali will play at least. 

Reggie: Denver

WASHINGTON +1.5 over N.Y. Giants

The Giants continue to not play well. Washington hasn't been lighting it up either, but they deserve to be favored at home in this affair. Maybe there are bigger issues at Redskins’ home games these days.

Reggie: NY Giants

‎New Orleans +5.5 over SEATTLE

I hope this game lives up to the hype. New Orleans gets to attack a much depleted Seattle secondary, so that gives them a fighting chance.

Reggie: New Orleans

Last Week: 8-6

Season: 79-96-2

Survivor: 8-4

Locks: 19-18

Reggie’s Picks: 86-89-2