White Sox Shooting Linked With Fan Who Snuck Gun Into Stadium ‘In The Folds Of Her Belly Fat’

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Getty Image / Jamie Sabau

On Friday, a reported shooting took place in the Chicago White Sox stadium during their game against the Oakland A’s.

Now, it appears the shooting in question is linked to a fan who allegedly snuck the gun in by using “the folds of her belly fat.”

According to Peggy Kusinski, a Chicago-based radio host on ESPN, the shooting was an “accidental discharge.” Additionally, she also reports this fan “snuck the gun in past metal detectors hiding it in the folds of her belly fat.”

Two women were injured from the incident and they are expected to make a full recovery, per ESPN.

“Both wounded women, ages 42 and 26, were expected to recover from the shooting that occurred during the fourth inning during Oakland’s 12-4 victory over the Chicago White Sox. Police said the 42-year-old sustained a gunshot wound to the leg and the 26-year-old had a graze wound to her abdomen.”

Based on the information given, one of the women who was shot was possibly the person who snuck the gun into the stadium.

I’m just glad the shooting at the White Sox stadium was an accident and that nobody got seriously injured, or worse.

Now that we know both women involved will be okay, can I ask what timeline are we in? What in the world is going on? Writing about someone hiding a gun in the folds of belly fat is not something I had on my 2023 Bingo card.

This is the type of story you hear when you drive around on Grand Theft Auto V while listening to the news radio station.

Like I previously said, I’m glad nobody is seriously hurt. It’s just bizarre to see a story like this be reported on. Oh well. Maybe the White Sox will up its security moving forward now.