Who Is Cameron Brink? The Gold Medalist Is On Her Way To Becoming A Basketball Superstar

  • Cameron Brink is a Stanford Basketball player, a Team USA Gold medalist, and a basketball superstar in the making
  • She has already achieved more before her 20th birthday than most athletes but Cameron Brink is just getting started
  • In this episode of ‘Days Off’ by Whistle, Cameron Brink gives us a glimpse into what life is like for one of the top collegiate basketball players
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At just 19-years-old, Cameron Brink is a multi-Gold Medalist with Team USA and a rising star playing for Stanford Basketball. She is well on her way to becoming a basketball superstar and the sky’s the limit.

In this episode of ‘Days Off’ by Whistle, Cameron Brink gives us a look at how she spends her downtime when she isn’t winning gold medals for Team USA. For someone like myself who isn’t a world-class athlete like Cameron Brink, it’s fascinating to see how top-tier athletes unwind compared to how the rest of us relax.

Just hit ‘play’ on the video above/below to see how the 6’4″ forward from Beaverton spends time away from the court.


Who Is Cameron Brink?


Cameron Brink is a 6’4″ forward who plays basketball for Stanford University and Team USA. She is a 2020 graduate from Southridge H.S in Beaverton, Oregon and has also won gold medals at 2019 FIBA U19 World Cup, 2018 FIBA U17 World Cup.

Brink’s list of accolades is extensive. She was named USA Today‘s Oregon Player of the Year (2019), and the Gatorade State Player of the Year in 2018 and 2019. Cameron’s godfather is Dell Curry, the father of NBA superstar Steph Curry. Cameron’s mother, Michelle Bain-Brink, was also roommates with Steph Curry’s mom, Sonya Curry, when the two women were roommates at Virginia tech.

Both of Cameron’s parents played basketball at Virginia Tech if you’re wondering what that connection is there. The Curry’s and the Brink’s have been close family friends for decaces.

Stanford is currently the #3 ranked women’s college basketball team in the nation after winning the 2021 National Championship. Let that sink in. Cameron has already won multiple gold medals, every award at the high school level, and she won a national championship with Stanford U. in her freshmen season (and Pac-12 title + All-Pac-12 Honorable Mention).

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Cameron Brink

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