This 12-Year-Old Has Become One Of Baseball’s Top Prospects And His Swing Is Smooth As Gravy

  • Enmanuel Beltre is a 12-year-old from the Dominican Republic who is already considered to be onoe of baseball’s top prospects even at such a young age
  • In this episode of NO DAYS OFF, Enmanuel Beltre and his trainer give us a glimpse into what life looks like for this highly touted prospect being compared to Fernando Tatis Jr.
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At just 12-years-old, Dominican-born Enmanuel Beltre is already being touted as one of the top prospects in baseball. Some people are even daring to compare this phenom to Fernando Tatis Jr. That’s a LOT of pressure for any young athlete but you can smash the ‘play’ button on that YouTube video above and see why he’s being touted as the next being thing in baseball.

This is the latest NO DAYS OFF episode from Whistle and it focuses on the training and daily grind that goes into being one of the top prospects in baseball.

Who is baseball prospect Enmanuel Beltre?

He is a 12-year-old prospect from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He bats and throws right-handed. And he plays Short Stop where he displays incredible speed and soft hands giving him the ability to adjust and make accurate throws on the move.

The prospect tracking site Perfect Game has already compiled a ton of advanced stats on Enmanuel Beltre. His latest (and best) PG grade is an 8.5 overall and he doesn’t have a ‘class ranking’ because Enmanuel Beltre’s part of the 2028 class!

Enmanuel has a 30-yard dash time of 4.58 seconds which puts him in the 94.44% percentile. He also ranks above the 95% percentile in Witty Reaction, Grip Strength Left, Optojump, and Pgame (all metrics they track). The future is bright for Beltre, at least based on what everyone has seen from him so far.

NO DAYS OFF: 12-Year-Old Baseball Prospect, Next Fernando Tatis Jr?

Comparing any 12-year-old to Fernando Tatis Jr. just seems cruel. Fernando Tatis Jr is arguably amongst the 5 or 10 best baseball players on the planet right now. If he continues his career at this trajectory he’s certain to enter the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown one day.

Enmanuel Beltre is 12-years-old and a butterfly could land on his bat at practice next week and change the entire course of his career. He could discover that he enjoys and excels at other sports more after hitting a massive growth spurt. Anything could happen. But it will definitely be exciting to see how this top prospect’s career pans out over the coming years.

When I was 12-years-old I was overweight, playing a lot of Nintendo-64, and fishing almost every day. I went through this weird void in middle school where my parents pushed me into a lot of sports growing up through elementary school.

I was exhausted with that by 6th grade and took 7th/8th grade off and got back into it in high school. And I missed this entire world of highly competitive youth sports for 12-year-olds and it’s wild to catch a glimpse of this level of work and competition I was never exposed to at all.

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Who is Enmanuel Beltre one of baseball's top prospects


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