William “The Refrigerator” Perry Is Allegedly Pushing Five Bills And Is Completely Estranged From His Family

SUPER BOWL XX - Chicago Bears v New England Patriots


Probably one of the first things professional athletes have to deal with when they retire is the sudden growing tumor in their midsection that is their stomach. These guys went from being able to eat anything they want, a buffet that included everything from triple-breakfast burgers to pussy, with the built-in guarantee that they would have an opportunity to work it off to eating the same buffet of foods while sitting on their ass. I’m surprised more of these dudes don’t get fat as fuck. I guess it’s the work ethic or whatever it is that seperates me from them.

Granted, William “The Refrigerator” Perry was always a pretty big guy, but is sounds like he’s lost a bit of control since the old days.

William Perry - File Photos

Via Sports Illustrated:

“Perry can barely walk, and only then with a walker. He’s at least 150 pounds overweight­—around 430, even 450, according to friends and family. He doesn’t work with physical therapists, or wear the compression socks or orthopedic shoes that he should. His hearing is terrible but he won’t wear his hearing aids, so he ends up virtually reading lips unless you are close to him and speaking loudly.

He has four children and he doesn’t see them much, or at least not as often as one would expect. Both of his ex-wives are out of the picture. He lives alone in a retirement facility.”

Yeah, when you get “compression socks and orthopedic shoes” fat, you know you’re beyond the point of no return. Honestly, though, stories like these break my heart. Perry used to be a fucking animal. He had like 29 sacks during a 10 year career. Look at this highlight reel.

However, sometimes you have to hit rock bottom just so you can bounce off of something. But also, when you’re wheelchair bound and no one wants to see you, you may be too thick to bounce. Maybe that’s why he refuses to wear his hearing aids, because he’s sick of people telling him he’s literally too fat to bounce back. That or he’s too broke to afford them anymore and just keeps telling people that he lost them as a way to save money. Could really go anyway.

[h/t The Big Lead]